How does the Immobilizer work?

The compact, portable Immobilizer produces brief electronic pulses that safely induce electrical currents to the tissues of the animal.  This causes a series of alternating muscular contractions and relaxations at a high frequency, immobilizing the animal. 

Animal-husbandry and veterinary procedures can then preformed without the use of force, harnesses, ropes, or restraints.  The Immobilizer reduces both stress for the animal and effort for the operator.  The unit is also easy to use and requires virtually no maintenance. 

The  Immobilizer gives the user three options for immobilizing the animal.  The first is with the use of a set of alligator clamps as seen above for full animal immobilization.  The second option is using an anal probe as seen to the side. The probe can be used by itself to fully immobilize the back 3/4 of the animal while the front part is partially immobilized.  Finally, the probe can be used in conjunction with an alligator clamp on the animal's lip for full immobilization.  The probe is offered as an optional item when purchased. 


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